Juan Martinez

A proud product of south central Los Angeles, Juan D. Martinez is C&NN’s Director of Leadership Development and the Natural Leaders Network. His passion to empower individuals and youth led him to direct Sierra Club’s first environmental justice youth leadership academy in Los Angeles. In 2009, Juan introduced Department of Interior’s Ken Salazar at Powershift in Washington, DC, and he was invited by the White House to attend the National Forum on Clean Energy Economy. In 2006, Juan was a delegate to the Latino Congreso, and he is included in “Hispanics Living Green.”  A recent graduate of the California State University Los Angeles, he is a recipient of Congresswoman Hilda Solis’ Environmental Youth Leadership Award and “Looking to the Future” award from the Breaking the Color Barriers conference.  Juan received a “Green for All” 2009 fellowship and is on the national executive committee for the Sierra Student Coalition. Juan is a spokesperson for the Sierra Club’s Building Bridges to the Outdoors initiative. He dedicates his energy and free time on grassroots campaigns that vary from health care and housing discrimination to creating garden space in the city of L.A.