Marce Gutierrez

Marce Gutiérrez is a communications and advocacy professional. She recently founded The Azul Project and has worked with Latino populations to protect California’s resources and foster environmental leadership in under- represented communities. Marce helped design a network of marine protected areas stretching from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border as part of California’s Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. She previously worked in commercial aquaculture operations, and now serves on the California Sustainable Seafood Advisory Panel, tasked with creating a sustain- ability program for California fisheries. Long story short: she used to sell the fish, now she saves them! The Azul Project seeks to diversify the marine conservation movement with a focus on increasing leadership and participation by communities of color. Marce realized just how necessary a specific outreach effort to involve communities of color in the conservation policy arena is. With Latinos approaching 40 percent of California's population, it is imperative to increase leadership and participation in the conservation of our natural resources. If our oceans are to have a fighting chance, it's crucial we get all hands on deck.