Maru Semprun

She is an Art teacher who was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She 
is graduated in Education from the Universidad Catolica Andres 
Bello. By middle 2012 she was conferred a degree of Masters of 
Arts in Aesthetics, at the Universidad Pedagogica Experimental 
Libertador. She is a dedicated researcher in the field of aesthetic 
pleasure and the change of aesthetic patterns in the contemporary 
society, specially in children and teenagers. Most of her professional 
life has been dedicated to Art teaching and the search of the most 
appropriate means to develop creativity in children and teenagers 
by using different materials and supporting media. Her challenge 
has always been to work with materials that are readily found, and 
the search for simple techniques, with the purpose of instilling the 
idea among her students that any element that may be subjected to 
minimal manipulation, can become an art product.
On July 2012, She and her family, husband and two daughters, 
decided to moved to Boulder, a city that has become a permanent 
source of inspiration for the whole family.