Robert Mera

Roberto Mera joined UCS in April 2013 as a Kendall Fellow on Climate Attribution. His work entails analyzing specific carbon emissions to determine how they are affecting global temperatures and extreme heat events. He’s working with climateprediction.net, a citizens science project that involves thousands of volunteers inputting data to ultimately connect climate changes to specific emitters. Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, senior climate scientist, is his supervisor and he is supported by UCS Climate and Energy Program scientists.

Dr. Mera's main focus and motivation is the interface between climate science and society. He was an intern at the NOAA National Climatic Data Center in 2008 where he helped the North Carolina University system develop a new M.S. degree in Climate Change and Society. He was recently a UCAR Postdocs Applying Climate Expertise Fellow working for the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. His work entailed developing user-friendly maps showing how climate change may affect extreme weather events.

Dr. Mera received his M.S. and Ph.D. in marine, earth and atmospheric science from North Carolina State and a B.S. in atmospheric science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He worked with a multidisciplinary team in the Google and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Africa initiative on modeling moisture content of the atmosphere to determine the conditions needed to end meningitis epidemics in West Africa. He served as a visiting scientist at UCAR during the spring of 2010 to finalize his studies.